The Best VPN for Hong kong

When it comes to internet use, Hong Kong has been head and shoulders above every country in the world. It ranks second when it comes to internet speeds, and with over 90 percent of the population being internet users, it is easy to see why many regard it as a global internet hub.
With the rampant use of the internet, it is not only essential, but it is also paramount to make sure that you use a safe and secure internet channel while in Hong Kong, which makes VPNs so popular in the country.
There are thousands of VPNs in the world right now. So, how exactly do you know which is the best? After conducting intensive and extensive research, we have come up with a list of five of the best VPNs to use in Hong Kong.

The best VPN services in Hong Kong

Since we now know exactly what we are looking for, it becomes an almost straightforward task to identify the best VPNs for Hong Kong.

  • ExpressVPN (The Best Hong Kong VPN for Travel)
  • Surfshark (The Best Hong Kong VPN for Streaming)
  • IPVanish (The Best Hong Kong VPN for Android)
  • VyprVPN (The Best Hong Kong VPN for Mac)
  • StrongVPN (The Best Hong Kong VPN for Windows)

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the VPNs, you first have to understand, in broader terms, what Hong Kong is all about.

Detailed Overview of the Best VPN for Hong Kong



+ Location spoofing

– It does not come with an ad blocker

+ Split tunneling

– It is expensive

+ Customer support

– It does not have a Tor anonymization network

+ Stylish interface


You have likely heard of ExpressVPN, as it is one of the most popular VPNs in the world. When we looked at what it has to offer, we found that this was for a good reason. It is one of the largest VPNs in the world in terms of the number of users.


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. The location is very important because the British Virgin Islands aren’t part of any signal-sharing alliance. Thus no data in the company’s possession can be extradited by another country. ExpressVPN has a no-logging policy because the British Virgin Islands do not require the company to keep any data records. Essentially, no logging means that the VPN does not collect personally identifiable data from its clientele, aside from billing and payment details.

Location spoofing

Most VPNs offer you security by simply changing your IP address. A while ago, this would have sufficed. However, it has become apparent that hackers and your internet service provider can establish your physical location over time, even if your IP address has changed.

ExpressVPN offers a remedy for this by providing you with the location spoofing feature. With this feature, it will appear that you are in a different part of the world, and thus nobody will be able to pinpoint where exactly you are accurate.

Split tunneling

At times, you may want to use a VPN with one platform but not with another simultaneously. An example is when you want to play an online game without using a VPN and have your browser under the protection of a VPN.

ExpressVPN has provided a simple solution for this with split tunneling. Here, you will be able to run traffic from a particular platform or app through the VPN tunnel and be able to run another straight to your internet service provider.

Customer support

We found that ExpressVPN has gone above and beyond to ensure that their clientele is always catered to and that all their problems are sorted out as quickly and effectively as possible. When we put in some inquiries via the live chat, they handled them rapidly and concisely, and the answers did solve all our problems.

Stylish interface

When you buy something, you want it to at least look good, right? Well, we found that with ExpressVPN, you get one of the most aesthetically pleasing VPN interfaces there is. It is chic and classy and still easy to use.

It does not come with an ad blocker

When you are getting a VPN, you expect it to come with an ad blocker because this has more or less become the industry standard. ExpressVPN does not have an ad blocker feature, and thus you will have to spend some more money to get one.

It is expensive

We found that ExpressVPN’s pricing is way above the average price for VPNs. You will have three payment options; 12.95 dollars a month, 55.95 dollars every six months, or 99.95 dollars every year. That being said, considering the quality of features and services you will be getting, this is pretty much a bargain.

It does not have a Tor anonymization network

We found that ExpressVPN’s security system could be a bit better if they incorporated the Tor anonymization network. This security feature bounces your online traffic through a myriad of volunteer intermediaries before eventually settling on one. Thus, it will be much harder to track your online traffic.



+ It has a lot of useful features

– It does not have a free version

+ Speed

– It is a bit secretive

+ The pricing

– The long terms subscriptions can be a bit confusing

Streaming, especially over the last couple of years, has become such a huge phenomenon. There are many streaming services in Hong Kong, from Netflix and Hulu to HBO Max and Disney Plus. It has become apparent that most sad streaming services do have geo-restrictions on most of their continent, and you need a VPN to access all of the content. Most VPNs can do this, but we found that SurfsharkVPN is the most effective streaming VPN in Hong Kong.


SurfsharkVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, and as we have already found, the said jurisdiction has put in place a plethora of laws and rules that ensure that all your data is safe and sound, and you can rest assured that no one will be able to access it.

It has a lot of useful features

We found that SurfsharkVPN has numerous features that make your streaming live easy in Hong Kong, and you will also see this if you get the VPN. They include;

CleanWeb; This feature is essentially a tracker and ad blocker. It will make it possible to watch content without any of the annoying ads that come with them.

Camouflage mode; your internet service provider can often tell your location even if you are using a VPN. However, if your VPN has a camouflage mode feature, like SurfsharkVPN, you can rest assured that your IPS will not have a clue as to where you are.

Whitelister; The Whitelister makes it possible for you to select websites and apps that bypass the VPN tunnel and thus connect directly with your ISP.

Reverse whitelister; Reverse whitelister is used to select apps and websites whose traffic has to go through the VPN, such as the streaming services apps and online platforms.

Several servers; As stated earlier, most streaming services have placed geo-restrictions on their content. Thus, to access the said content, you either have to be in the said region or appear to be in the said region. SurfsharkVPN makes it possible for you to link your IP address to the location you want to spoof to, and thus you can be able to see the shows and movies you want to.

SurfsharkVPN has a large server network, comprising 1400 servers in over 61 countries. This means that you will be spoilt for choice regarding the number of countries to which you can spoof. The more, the merrier.


You need to have the best speeds to make sure that you can stream at the highest quality possible and without any buffering. Most VPNs will throttle your internet speed to such an extent that you will not have the ability to stream comfortably. SurfsharkVPN is not one of them. We found that it has the fastest speeds not only for streaming but also in general.

The pricing

SurfsharkVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs in the market, we found. It will cost you 1.99 dollars a month if you get the 24-month plan, 5.99 dollars if you get the annual plant, or 11.95 dollars if you get the monthly plan. The icing on this already delicious cake is that the VPN has A 30-day money-back guarantee.

Then, it should come as no surprise that over 8000 SurfsharkVPN users gave the VPN a rating of 4.3 stars out of five on Google Play Store.

It does not have a free version

If you want a VPN that you will use once and then discard it, SurfsharkVPN is not the one for you. Thus, you have to pay to secure the said services.

It is a bit secretive

When dealing with a company that will more or less be responsible for all your online and personal data, it will give you peace of mind to know about the aid organization’s hierarchical structure. SurfsharkVPN, we found, has failed in this part. It is secretive about the system of its organization and management.

A quintessence of this is the fact that The CEO of the company is in a pseudonym. The said secrecy is bound to raise a couple of eyebrows, as transparency is paramount.

The long terms subscriptions can be a bit confusing

Even though it is one of the cheapest VPNs around, SurfsharkVPN’s long-term subscriptions, we found, can be a bit confusing. An example of this is that you have to pay all the money upfront if you get the 24-month or annual subscription, which is a lot of money.



+ It has unlimited simultaneous VPN connections

– It has a somewhat clustered interface

+ The number of encryption protocols that it has

– No public audits

+ Good geographic diversity of servers

– It does not have servers in some countries

Most VPNs are compatible with all major Operating systems. However, some VPNs are better suited to particular VPNs more than others, and in the case of devices that run on Android, then IPVanish is the best VPN solution in Hong Kong.

It has unlimited simultaneous VPN connections

The number of simultaneous connections that a VPN offers is something that you must consider when considering which VPN you want to subscribe to. Most VPNs have single-digit simultaneous connections, and we found that the average is about 6 devices.

IPVanish is one of the few VPNs that make it possible for you to have as many devices connected as you want. This means that you will not have to worry about logging off on one device for another one to continue running.

The number of encryption protocols that it has

Encryptions protocols are fundamental when it comes to VPNs, as they are the ones that are responsible for making sure that no one can access your online traffic, as it is encrypted. Encryption protocols also ensures that you can bypass all the firewalls that apps and websites have set.

IPVanish can support OpenVPN, which is more or less the industry standards and is considered military-grade, and also IKEv2 is a very healthy alternative. This way, you can rest assured that all your data is safe and sound.

The good geographic diversity of servers

As much as we consider the number of servers that a VPN has, it is equally important to note the geographical diversity of the said server networks. This is because geographical diversity means that you will have more options when it comes to spoofing.

IPVanish has servers across 55 countries. This is itself is very impressive. However, what is more, noteworthy is the fact that some servers are located in regions that are often ignored by other VPNs, regions such as Africa and South America.

It has a somewhat clustered interface

We found that the IPVanish interface since it has so many features, is somewhat clustered. This isn’t such a big deal. However, after some time, it may prove to be a bit of a nuisance.

No public audits

Most VPNs conduct a separate, public audit to validate the privacy policy that VPNs have put in place. Most major VPNs have done this, so it comes as a surprise that IPVanish has not. This makes it difficult to trust their privacy policy.

It does not have servers in some countries

If you want to access content in regions with oppressive internet restrictions, such as Turkey or Russia, then IPVanish is not for you because it does not have servers in said areas.



+ Clientele privacy

– It isn’t the fastest VPN around

+ Server network

– The monthly subscription is very expensive

+ Very affordable long term subscriptions

– It does not have an ad blocker and a free version

Though a bit nascent to the market, VyprVPN offers the latest technological advancements and makes sure that you and all your Mac devices have round-the-clock protection from hackers or anyone else who wants to access your online traffic.

Clientele privacy

VyprVPN has gone above and beyond to ascertain that all its users have state-of-the-art privacy and security options. One of the upsides of being newly created is that it comes with all the necessary bells and whistles that make sure no one will be able to get a sniff of what you are doing.

Even though OpenWire is the industry standard, WireGuard, which many have tipped to be a worthy successor, is the main protocol that VyprVPN has gone with. This is however only the tip of the iceberg. VyprVPN also supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and has even implemented a custom protocol, Chameleon. All the said protocols work effectively, especially when it comes to Mac operating system.

Server network

VyprVPN has about 700 servers in over 60 countries. Compared to other VPNs, which VyprVPN are competitors, this isn’t much. However, you also have to consider that the number of subscribers a particular VPN has, directly influences the number of servers it has. Thus, with VyprVPN being new to the market and with far fewer subscribers than the other bigwigs, this is a pretty impressive server network. It is also safe to assume that the larger the number of subscribers, the more servers VyprVPN will put in place.

Very affordable long term subscriptions

It is true that with almost all VPNs, the longer the subscription, the lower the pricing. We found that VyprVPN has one of the cheapest long-term subscription plans. For example, for the three-year plan, all you have to pay is 1.66 dollars per month. The annual plan will cost you 3.75 dollars per month. These are some ridiculously low rates.

It isn’t the fastest VPN around

When we conducted our speed tests, which measured ping, upload, and download speeds, we found that VyprVPN is not the fastest VPN around. It has above-average speeds, but they do not compare to other VPNs.

The monthly subscription is very expensive

Even though it has some of the cheapest long-term subscription prices, the monthly subscription is very high. You will have to pay 12.95 dollars a month to get the said services, which is high, especially for a fairly nascent VPN.

It does not have an ad blocker and a free version

VyprVPN does not offer a free version, and thus you will have to pay to get their services. Moreover, it does not have an ad blocker feature, which is a bit of a downside, especially since most nascent VPNs, to get subscribers, come with a free adblocker.



+ No logging policy

– It is located in the USA

+ It comes with free cloud storage

– It has mixed customer reviews

+ Number of simultaneous connections


+ Customer support systems


Limited Split tunneling

StrongVPN is another VPN that is new to the market but is already making waves worldwide. When we conducted our research, we found that it is best suited for the Windows operating system, though it is compatible with almost all major Operating systems.

No logging policy

StrongVPN has a strict no-logging policy, meaning that it will be able to store any of your online traffic or personal data at no point in time. The only data that the company can and will keep are your billing details and your subscription plan details, nothing more.

It comes with free cloud storage

When you get StrongVPN, you will also be getting 250 GB worth of space on SugarSync cloud storage for free. This is a large amount of storage, and normally, it would cost you 9.99 dollars to get it. Thus, with StrongVPN, you will be able to get a bit more storage while also saving money.

Number of simultaneous connections

StrongVPN offers 12 simultaneous connections. Most VPNs, as aforementioned, only offer single-digit connections. Even though it is not unlimited, it is still a lot.

Customer support systems

We found that StrongVPN has one of the best customer care systems amongst all our tested VPNs. What made it stand out a lot is that it has one of the most effective and efficient phone customer care services. We found talking with someone via phone to be far more effective and efficient than live chats because you will easily be guided through the processes by a trustworthy person.

It is located in the USA

The US has imposed a legal obligation on companies to make it possible for them to hand in your name and credit card information if need be. This could be a bit of a huge downside when it comes to data protection and privacy.

It has mixed customer reviews

After going through some of the customer reviews on Amazon, we found that nearly a quarter of the customers had given the VPN one-star ratings, which is a bit of an oddity.

Limited Split tunneling

You will only be able to access private and public networks simultaneously if you have an Android device. If your device has an iOS or Mac operating system, you will not use split tunneling.

Why do you need a VPN in your Country?

As we mentioned in the table at the beginning of the article, Hong Kong has not put in place sufficient laws and regulations regarding personal data security and privacy. There are no requirements for data protection registration, data protection officer appointment, or any breach notification obligation. Maybe this will change in the future, but until then, you have to be in charge of your data safety and security, and the best way to do this is to use a VPN.

A VPN will ensure that while in Hong Kong, you are protected from surveillance from the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities and other authorities the world over. In many ways, if you have one of the best VPNs in Hong Kong, such as the ones we have included in this list, you can be assured that you are virtually untraceable.

VPNs also make it easy for you to access all the content that the Hong Kong government has restricted and access content that is only available in Hong Kong from other countries.

Sites that are popular in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is not part of the jurisdiction of Mainland China, it is not under is heavy restriction laws. Thus, most of the popular sites in Hong Kong are actually what we in Western Civilization consider to be basic. They include;

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Netflix

  • Instagram

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitch

Restricted Sites in Hong Kong

Some of the restricted sites in Hong Kong include;

• The 2021 Hong Kong Charter

• The Recruitment Center of National Armed Force

• HKChronicles

• All pornographic material

• Downloading all copyrighted material

It is illegal to have pornographic material in Hong Kong, whether for personal or distribution purposes. The penalty for possessing pornographic material, whether physical or digital, is a maximum of HK$1,000,000. It is also illegal to stream or download copyrighted material without the permission of the creators.


As mentioned earlier, since Hong Kong is not under the jurisdiction of mainland China (VPNs that work in China), you can be able to get streaming services such as Netflix. However, since Netflix enforces geo-restrictions on most of its content, you need a VPN to access some of the more popular movies, series, and available content in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Hong Kong?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to have a VPN in Hong Kong.

How to Setup a VPN in Hong Kong?

Most of the VPNs we listed are straightforward when it comes to setting up. All you have to do is go to the VPN’s official website and download it directly from there, or go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and get the app version of the VPN.

Payment is equally straightforward. All best VPNs accept credit and debit cards and PayPal as a mode of payment. Some of them may even accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Thus, you will not lack a VPN that will cater to your needs in terms of cost.

Which VPNs have servers in Hong Kong?

  • ExpressVPN

  • NordVPN

  • Surfshark.

  • ProtonVPN

  • StrongVPN

Which VPN has a Hong Kong server for free?

ProtonVPN has one of the best free versions that we found, and thus we recommend it as one of the best free VPNs with a Hong Kong server.

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